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4.0 ( 7200 ratings )
Værktøjer Indkøb
Forfatter: Mobstac Inc

NearBee, brings the power of Nearby Notifications to iOS, while also supporting the Physical Web. With NearBee, iOS users can now seamlessly discover nearby content and services being broadcast by beacons around them.

1. Silent Lock screen notifications

Unlike Chrome, which required you to add a Today widget and swipe down every time, NearBee discovers nearby beacons without requiring any user action and can pop notifications on your lock screen.

2. Works with any Eddystone beacon

NearBee is not tied to specific beacon hardware – it supports all Eddystone beacons that can broadcast an Eddystone URL frame.

3. Lightweight and free

NearBee is one of the lightest iOS apps out there, at less than 9 MB! It is also completely free and always will be.